My dad always told me, a lock will only keep an honest man out. That was true back in the late 1960's and still true in this day and age of high tech security. Car thieves that once used brute force and mechanical leverage are now using technology to gain access to our stuff. What makes this even more amazing is that law enforcement is still not sure how they are doing it.

This video shows just how quickly and easily car security systems are defeated by a mystery box. The box appears to mimic the key fob that most of us carry around instead of an actual key. The thief pushes a button on his mystery box and the cars magically open up. The electronic locks spring open and the car's security system is defeated too. I am surprised that the thieves haven't discovered a way to have the car make them a hot beverage while they are stealing .

The modern car thief is still a thief, but he or she is now more of computer hacker. After all, our cars are now giant rolling computers and that makes them an easy target for evil doing whiz kids or car thieves that have some very smart friends.

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