I'm almost a little reluctant about posting this, because we don't want to tip off any thieves, but I think the info is still pretty valuable.

MSN has let us in on a secret -  50 hiding places that thieves are not probably not going to find. Because they won't be looking there. Now, with that being said, this is not fool proof, so just be careful about where you are putting your valuables.

My favorites are below, but be sure to check out the whole list from MSN.

  • Tennis Ball - slice it open and insert your small jewelry. Just don't put it back with the other balls
  • Canned Food - open a can of whatever, clean it out, put your valuables in a ziploc bag, put them back in the can, and in the cabinet.
  • Vacuum Cleaner Bag - just zip it shut, or screw it on, depending on what model cleaner you have
  • Wall or Mantel Clock - tape your valuables to the back
  • Shoes - store cash inside your sneakers, or any closed toe shoes in your closet
  • Plants -  put cash in a water/air tight bottle, and bury it in your potted plant.
  • Family Photo Album - hopefully you have one from back in the day. Use it to store a little emergency cash in
  • Kitty Litter - put valuables in an air tight container, and bury them in the big tub of (unused!) cat litter
  • Kid's Room - just about anywhere in here, but make sure the kids can't find it either! No burglar worth his salt would go rummaging around a bunch of kids toys looking for valuables. We hope.
  • Ironing Board - the tubular legs on your board probably have a rubber or plastic cap on them. Put your cash in a ziploc bag, and slide it on. Be sure to replace the cap!

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