We love our uniqueness here in Louisiana. And people can make gumbo or pralines anywhere in the world, but we know the truth. That these things are really made 'only in Louisiana'. For real.

USALoveList.com and Louisiana Travel have found some cool things that you can't really make anywhere else, and we wanted to pass them along. I even added in a few of my favorites. Are your out of state friends jealous yet??

  • Salvaged wooden boxes from Bergeron Woodworks - these beautiful mosaic boxes are usually made from wood salvaged around New Orleans, and can be found at just about any arts and crafts show in the state. They are gorgeous, and sentimental at the same time.
  • Mignon Faget Jewelry - one of the oldest jewelry stores in New Orleans, making custom Louisiana inspired jewelry
  • Tony Chachere's Creole Seasoning - made right here in Opelousas, Louisiana since 1972
  • Bergeron Pecans - made in New Roads, and used in so many delicious Louisiana dishes
  • Zapps Potato Chips - made in Gramercy since 1985
  • Swamp Pop Soda - with flavors like Ponchatoula Strawberry, Praline Cream and Satsuma, you can't get more Louisiana than this! Made in Lafayette
  • Tabasco - celebrating 150 years in 2018, this beloved hot sauce company has expanded worldwide, and it's original red sauce has even been sent up in the Space Shuttle
  • Cajun Fresh - odor neutralizing concentrate spray made in Maurice, and available at most local grocery stores. It's super strong, and I love it
  • Cajun Candles - this tiny store in Kaplan produces some of the strongest and sweetest smelling candles in the state. All locally made
  • George Rodrigue's Blue Dog Paintings - with a gallery in Lafayette, and New Orleans, these world famous paintings depict scenes from Mr Rodrigue's beloved childhood memories of growing up in cajun country. And of course, the famous Blue Dog

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