New Year, New You! I'm always on the lookout for ways to improve my life, and the new year always brings an opportunity to try a different twist on things that aren't working for me. Our friends at MSN Lifestyle have opened my eyes to some things that I probably have been doing wrong MY WHOLE LIFE. For instance - did you know you can use one of those bread twist ties to organize your headphone and phone charger cords? I have a million of those laying around in a drawer! Check out some of my favorite simple, but effective, tips below, and more from MSN. Happy organizing, Dawgs!


Put your phone in a cup to enhance the sound


Cut the bottom off a cupcake, and make a sandwich of it - frosting in every bite, ya'll!


Eat cheese snacks or things with a lot of powder on them with chopsticks to cut down on the orange residue on your fingers!


Put a slice of bread on your cake, or in the bag of cookies so they will remain moist


When drinking out of a can, place your straw through the tab so that it won't wander.


Peel a banana from the bottom, and not the top - MUCH easier


You can use avocado instead of butter in recipes - who knew?!