Have you ever met someone who just seems to own the room when they walk into it? They are the person that all eyes turn to and everyone wants to be near. Like moths to a flame we are attracted to them and we really don't know why.

That unspoken attraction is called charisma. The dictionary defines charisma as" a compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others". When I think of the charisma I think of Elvis Presley. Elvis had a way of making thousands of people engage with him while on stage. There was just something about his persona that told the people who saw him to  like him.

What about your charisma? You might feel as I do. I think I missed the day they were handing out charisma and got a double helping of insecurity. However, science has determined that you and I can increase our charisma by simply focusing our minds on one particular part of our body.

The part of the body that holds the key to our charismatic charm is our toes. Researchers at M.I.T. and Harvard reported in a study that the toes are the key to your feeling more attractive to others.

Here is why. When you focus attention on your toes that mystical powerhouse between your ears, your brain, automatically sweeps your entire body. These mental sweep of the body and the senses makes your entire being more alert. The more alert you are the more in the moment you are. That means you are focused on your surroundings and giving off a positive energy that others can feel.

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