The words "number one country hit" and Conway Twitty have always belonged together. Conway was one of the most prolific hit makers in the genre. Fans of Classic Country Saturday Night here on 97.3 The Dawg certainly love their Conway. I would go so far to say that almost half of the song you request for the show are Conway songs. That is how much this man and his music remain loved and appreciated.

Today was a big day for Conway back in 1968. Conway's song "Next In LIne" achieved the pinnacle of Country Music success. It was the first time that Twitty had topped the country music charts. Just to be clear "It's Only Make Believe" was a number one song in 1958 but that was on the Billboard Hot 100 Pop chart.

Want to hear some irony? In the early 60's many country stations refused to play Conway. They said he was a rock and roller and there was no place in country music for him or his music. Fortunately cooler heads, smarter DJ's and some great music turned the tide of that rebellion and we at country radio were better because we had Conway on our team.

Conway would hit number one on the country charts 55 more times. His record of having the most number one songs would be surpassed by George Strait who now currently holds the top spot with 60 number ones.  Conway's last number one country song was Desperado Love which reached number one in 1986.