There is a saying in Louisiana that suggests if you get more than two people together and one of them has an ice chest you have a festival. That's Louisiana's reputation around the nation. We are known as a place where good times happen. And the cultivators of a list of America's Best Party Cities seem to have latched on to that idea since the Bayou State placed not just one city on the list, we placed three on the list.

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The website collected data and information on more than 100 cities across the United States. We should point out that Bonus Finder does have a special focus on casinos but for this study, they included data collected from bars, hotels, and other hospitality-related businesses to compile their list.

While Louisiana did place three cities on the list, that was nothing compared to the love that the study gave the state of Florida. According to Bonus Finder nine cities in Florida qualified as a Top 100 Party City.

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What Are Louisiana's Best Party Cities?

The first guess should be the obvious guess, yes New Orleans is on the list but where exactly it falls is kind of a mystery. In the article about the country's best party cities, Bonus Finder suggests that Baton Rouge is ranked higher than New Orleans but if you look at the list, NOLA comes out ahead.

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So, New Orleans is either number seven or number twenty and Baton Rouge is either number seven or number twenty. According to Bonus Finder Baton Rouge did get very high marks because of low drink prices. The study found the average cost of a beer was just $2.99.

What Was the Third Louisiana City to Make the Best Party Cities List?

That would be Shreveport. Now, if you're scratching your head wondering how Shreveport/Bossier City got included just remember the study featured a focus on casinos. The Shreveport area certainly has plenty of those.

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Those casinos and the special deals on drinks and room rates lifted Shreveport in this study. The SBC area is ranked at number nine on the Bonus Finder list. Shreveport also scored high because of its strip clubs and access to ride-sharing or taxis.

You can see the entire list right here. Be sure you scroll to the bottom of the list, the city listed at number 101 was quite a surprise.

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