I am pretty sure that students could get used to a midweek break in classes but if that happened all the time the school year might never end. Still, three schools in Vermilion Parish are closed this morning not because of academics or something "unique" the Vermilion Parish School Board has done.

Erath High School, Erath Middle, and Dozier Elementary are closed this morning because of a problem with sewerage. There were no specific details given on the exact nature of the problem but all you need to know is that broken sewers and hundreds of school children do not mix.

Therefore the administrators of those schools opted for the cleaner and more sanitary solution. One witty EHS Student quipped, "we're calling it a yellow snow day". Oh, these kids and their sense of humor.

If all goes well the issue with the sewers should be taken care of today and hopefully, classes at all three schools will resume tomorrow. We will await the official word and let you know so you can plan accordingly.

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