The "special session" of the Louisiana Legislature just ended. We made absolutely no progress toward pulling our state back from tumbling off of a fiscal cliff that could make our state's financial woes even worse.

We, the people, spent about $60,000 everyday funding this special session. That means we spent about $750,000 to be no better off than when we started. That got me to thinking, is there anything more worthless than our state legislature and our governor?

Believe it or not, there are a couple of things that make about as much sense as the current state of government in Louisiana.

There is this box that personifies Governor Edwards and House Speaker Barras' relationship. 

The box also comes in "committee" size too. That way a lot of people can sit around and accomplish absolutely nothing. This is how a Ways and Means Committee meeting looked, at least to me.

Then there is this. I compare this to the politicians running up to anyone with a microphone or a camera to proclaim it's the other guy's fault.

It's time for the Governor and the Legislators to realize they were elected to serve the needs of the people of Louisiana. It seems to me the only job they care about doing is the job of getting re-elected.

There are some bright minds serving us in Baton Rouge and I really don't like disparaging them but they have earned it. Come on ladies and gentlemen, put your politics aside and make the tough decisions.

Sure it will be used against you in the upcoming election but when you realize that future generations will have a better Louisiana I think it's worth taking the chance. We, the People, are growing tired of your games. Do your job and we will do ours.

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