I will be the first to defend the notion that dogs are man's bestfriend. They are the epitome of selfless and unconditional love.

This is probably why one TikTok video has turned everyone who watches it into a complete blubbering mess.

On September 29th, a video was captured of a man and his dog sitting on a bench enjoying a beautiful sunset. It sounds like a typical TikTok video right?

Well, maybe you should watch it for yourself. (Excuse the curse words said, the young lady is overcome with emotion.)

This is definitely one of those "I told ya so" moments.

The video touched many other people as well. Since being posted, it has over 20 million views!

A recent article did a great job talking about the article's affect on viewers. It mentioned the comments made on the post itself about how much it touched hearts and had many shedding tears.

There were also comments wondering what could have brought about such a touching moment for the two.

Well, apparently Erika who posted the video was contacted by someone who knew the man. He was her music teacher in school and the former student shared the video with him.

The article states that the man was grateful for someone capturing the special moment. He and his pup are best buds and do just about everything together. Especially now that the dog is up there in his years.

I love sharing stories like these. They serve as a great reminder that no matter what negativity and struggles we see going on around us, there is still beauty in the small moments we sometimes forget to stop and appreciate.

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