You don't have to be the second coming of Rob Perillo to know that we'll probably see some rain across South Louisiana today. A quick glance upwards at the fast-moving and darkened clouds should give you all the information you need about "what" kind of weather we'll have. Our mission is to offer you the best guess on "when" that weather or at least the worst of it might affect you and your family.

The Storm Prediction Center has placed almost all of Louisiana under the slight risk category for severe storms today. That means there is about a 5% chance of tornadic storms developing across the forecast area. There's also a possibility of storms with strong straight-line winds and storms that could produce hail. Those storms are possible but not likely.

Courtesy KATC
Courtesy KATC

As you can see in the forecast model graphics showers and thunderstorms should start to pick up in the area around lunchtime. The threat of strong storms with heavy rainfall should continue in the area through the late evening hours. It does appear as if Acadiana's greatest severe weather threat will come between one o'clock and seven o'clock this afternoon and evening.

Behind this storm system, we can expect a return to winter's chill. High temperatures on Thursday are expected to struggle to reach 50 degrees and overnight low temperatures by Friday morning will likely be in the middle to upper 30-degree range.

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