At the beginning of each year, we all make small or drastic changes to our lifestyle because of our New Year's resolution.  The notorious resolution is to exercise and diet, while others desire to pick up another language or hobby. Well, whatever your New Year's resolution may be, I have found some tips to help you stick to them.

I have two resolutions for this year:  learn the French language and learn how to budget my money better.  I too, want to stick to my resolutions this year, and I know I'll need help down the road.  According to Statistic Brain, only 8% of Americans are successful in achieving their resolution. Let's change that!

I stumbled across Daily News & Analysis, and found some great tips to help us stick to our resolutions. When you are feeling defeated and unmotivated, try these!

  1. De-Stress. Take things slowly and learn to calm your mind when things start to get hectic.
  2. Exercise. Whether this is your resolution or not, exercise is the best way to clear your mind, relax, and get back on track. This doesn't mean go for a vigorous 5 mile run; a simple walk or yoga session is powerful enough.
  3. Seek encouragement through friends, family, and even technology.  There are so many apps on our smart phones that can help us stay on track. If you are trying to manage money like myself, the app Mint has great reviews. Or, if you are trying to quit smoking, there are several quit smoking apps to keep track of how many days you have been smoke-free and how much money you have already saved.
  4. Team up with a buddy. If you have a friend who is trying to exercise more or diet, being each other's support system is very beneficial.
  5. Reward yourself. Giving yourself a pat on the back or buying yourself something nice will give you more of an incentive to keep going with your resolution.

It's a given some of us won't be perfect in meeting our resolutions and goals every, single day of the year; however, we still can't give up. If you took a week off from your resolution, pick back up the next week. Good luck!


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