We are getting close to Christmas so naturally it's time to start making those big plans for the new year. You know, the things that you expect to magically start doing in 2016 that you couldn't somehow pull off in the past year.

Yep, we're talking New Year's resolutions here, kids.

A new survey found the most common New Year's resolutions people are planning to make in 2016. Yeah, it's mostly the standards but with a new twist. Here are the top five:

  1. Save more money (92%) -- Well, duh, don't we all want to do that!
  2. Make new friends (82%) -- And they don't mean dating. People say new friends mean more people to work out with, more happiness and promotions at work, and more job connections.
  3. Improve your 'look' (82%) -- More from women who want to freshen up their style. Guys could mostly care less.
  4. Exercise more (74%) -- However, about 26% of those who make this resolution will only follow through if they do it with a friend.
  5. Get a new job (55%) -- Guess that means you should look to the left or right. Either you or that person is not happy at their job!

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