If you are a person who fishes (I didn't want to leave the ladies out by saying fisherman), then you know about the dynamic fishing at Toledo Bend Reservoir a few short hours drive from home. Thanks to Bassmaster, the rest of the world is now in on our not-so-secret fishing hole.

Linda Curtis-Sparks is director of the Sabine Parish Tourism Commission and she says this honor by Bassmaster is going to bring even more anglers to the area.

We're beginning to bring together some business organizations and discuss the changes it could be so that we're ready to welcome those individuals.

You might be wondering what makes one lake better than another lake? It does have a lot to do with the fish that can be found in the body of water. Toledo Bend boasts a large amount of fish that weigh in at over 10 pounds. Since Toledo Bend has a system of certification that verifies these large catches, there is plenty of proof available for anglers to see.

When you have a program that, they're weighed in on certified scales, the process has to be witnessed and then you've got some data and I really don't think there is another lake in the country that has a program like this.


Curtis-Sparks also told the Louisiana Radio Network that anglers reel in big fish on a daily basis. It's not an every now and then kind of thing at Toledo Bend.

One of the fun parts of promoting Toledo Bend is that we like to say we have real fish stories. Because sometimes when you can certify your story it makes it a little bit more believable.

But then again, what would one expect from a state that calls itself "The Sportsman's Paradise"?

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