Everyone loves a good hamburger. We often argue around the office as to who has the best burger here in the area.

That's a discussion for another day. We are getting some props on a national scale again.

A popular travel and culture website called ThrillList.com has a great story on the 10 best burgers in Louisiana. While you can imagine the focus is on the big cities like New Orleans, a couple of Lafayette jewels made the list.

According to the purveyors of delicious patties in betweenst a grain-made bun, Judice Inn and Bread & Circus Provisions are producing two of the finest burgers in the Bayou State.

Nora McGunnigle is the writer of the article and the taste-tester. At Judice Inn, she tried a good ole cheeseburger. Here is what she wrote about that delightful treat.

Judice Inn has been serving burgers to hungry University of Louisiana students for almost 70 years and it seems like the pricing hasn’t kept up with the times. You can get a cheeseburger for $3.75, dontcha know, and you can get it at 10am when you roll out of bed craving a burger for whatever reason (we're not judging).

And for the "Jucy Lucy" she partook in at Bread & Circus Provisions, this is what she had to say.

This off-menu item has almost a cult following. It’s the Thursday sandwich special every week, and quite popular in the after hours on Saturday late night. The hand-ground beef burger is perfectly seasoned and flavored, and stuffed full of cheese, served on a brioche bun that’s so tender that it should fall apart, but never does, with tomato, lettuce, and a caramelized onion mayo. There’s a rumor of Lucy’s evil twin, the Ethel, which brings pecan butter, pepper jelly, and a fried egg to the late-night eats party, but the management would neither confirm nor deny. But they winked a lot.

Lafayette, you have another proverbial feather in your now weighed-down-by-a-lot-of-plumage hat.


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