I was watching Swamp People on Sunday night and I heard Troy Landry utter the word "boudé" and it made me chuckle. I started thinking about all the Cajun words and phrases that I hear that are funny to hear. We asked you and here are the five that I got the most. Hope you enjoy them mes amis!

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    In English I believe this means "to pout". Well at least that what I'm gonna go with on this one. And when you boudé you usually make a "bah-ben"! Oh, the spellings on these will be butchered, forgive me!

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    Pauvre Bête


    I'm a little more certain that this one translates to "poor thing". It is commonly used as an endearing term though it is also used to show pity. Myself, I've heard it used mostly in a joking manner. Something like, "Bruce tries real hard to look good some times, but pauvre bête, he just can't pull it off."

    Pauvre Bruce
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    Queque Chose


    This is an easy one. It is derived from the french "quelquechose" which means something. We use it most often to identify anything that we can't recall what the real name of it is. Like, "Hey T-Boy pick up dat lil quequechose you left on da floor."

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    A word, no doubt, used since the first Cajuns came down to Louisiana. This word usually means anybody whose elevator doesn't quite go to the top floor, if you know what I mean. Popularized in the the big hit by Lafayette's Boys entitled "Nuttin' But a Couillon".

    Café Press
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    The frissons is basically the chills or goosebumps. When you look up the real French definition it means "a shudder or shiver; thrill". Yep, sometimes the frissons will give me a thrill but most times it just means I need to go cook a roux and make a gumbo, cher!

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