OK, full disclosure here. I should have said 'Top Ten Foods You Can Only Find in Louisiana', but some of our native cuisine has found its way into other parts of the US, and is no doubt very popular there. But have you ever ordered a po' boy in another state? They don't even call them po' boys! A 'sub' is not a po' boy, my northern friends.

With that being said, I came up with some of my most favorite things to eat in our great state. Things that you can find any day of the week, all across Louisiana and people won't ask you 'what's in it?' And feel free to add your own favorites in, y'all!


  • King Cake - used to be you could only get one of these tasty treats during Mardi Gras season, but they have become so popular that they are pretty much available year round
  • Pralines - a creamy caramel candy that was traditionally served at all southern antebellum homes to guests. They come in all flavors, but the original with pecans is still the best! I make these as gifts every Christmas
  • Beignets - made famous at Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans, these puffs of fried dough are served with a mound of powdered sugar, and chicory coffee with milk
  • Po' Boy - the signature sandwich of Louisiana, served on french bread with a variety of meats, cheeses or seafood. If you are from new Orleans and you want your po' boy with lettuce, tomato, pickle and mayonnaise
  • Etouffee - this dish usually involves seafood that is smothered down to a rich gravy, and served over rice
  • Gumbo - depending on what part of the state you're from, this signature Louisiana soup can contain a variety of ingredients. Seafood, wild game, chicken and sausage, and shrimp and okra seem to be the most popular, but are not the only varieties for this beloved dish
  • Cracklin' - delicious bits of fried pork skin with small amounts of meat attached.  Usually seasoned with red pepper, and tastes like a big piece of heavenly bacon in your mouth!
  • Boudin - cooked rice, pork or seafood, with onions, peppers, and seasonings, all wrapped up in a sausage casing. Each region of Louisiana has their own distinct version of boudin. Boudin balls have become a very popular item as well.
  • Jambalaya - a rice dish that has cooked meat or seafood mixed together with the 'trinity', which is onions, bell peppers and celery. It is a popular dish for serving a crowd without spending a lot of money
  • Muffaletta - made famous at Central Grocery in New Orleans, this multi-layered sandwich has Italian meats and cheeses on a large round bun. The signature olive spread makes this Louisiana dish different than all others.
  • Honorable mention - Boiled crawfish! - Nothing quite says 'Only in Louisiana' like a crawfish boil and some cold beer to wash the tasty mudbugs down with

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