Did you drive on I-10 between Lafayette and Henderson last week? In the midst of all that construction work being done did you exceed the posted speed? Maybe you drove just a few miles an hour over the posted speed. Well if you didn't get pulled over or cause a crash then you need to consider yourself lucky and be grateful that you don't live in Ohio.

According to a report from a Cleveland television station, one automated traffic speed camera placed in a construction zone nabbed over 3,200 speeders in a 20 day period. According to the report each citation generated by the camera cop is worth $200. If you can't do the math in your head that's $640,000 generated in just 20 days.

I don't know of anyone in South Louisiana that is really in love with the idea of automatic red light or speed cameras installed around town. However, I can see the benefit of putting these automated controls in place in construction zones. For some reason, the flashing "Your Speed Is...." signs don't seem to slow anyone down. In fact, many drivers speed up as if they are trying to make "high score".

I know if I worked on a construction crew I'd really appreciate everyone slowing down a bit when they drove through the cones and confusing lane shifts. I also know that if I worked in the legislature the chance to take in over $11.6 million annually from a speed camera would seem pretty tempting too. Or we could just not speed in construction zones and that'd be fine as well.


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