With the utmost respect, is there any other way to act when a member of law enforcement has ordered you to pull your vehicle to the side of the road?

I have had my share of conversations with local police, parish deputies, and state troopers. I have never been tased, thrown to the ground, shot at or shot during any of those stops. Why? Because I do as the officer asks me to do and I respond with a respectful "Yes sir" or "Yes Ma'am".

The idea of teaching young drivers the proper way to act when stopped by an officer could become law in Lousiana. Bossier City Senator Ryan Gatti said he was approached with the idea of courtesy training for young driver's and he told the Louisiana Radio Network it seems to be a good idea.

We just kind of envisioned part of the course would be taught by an officer in person or online and we just hope we can make the traffic stop safer for everyone involved.

I have heard the complaints about law enforcement and their "attitude" when they pull a vehicle over. Let me tell you, you'd have a bit of an attitude too if every time you went to your job your life could be on the line in an instant.

Our Louisiana troopers, deputies and local law enforcement officers receive the very best training in the country. They are trained to be courteous to us even when we are total horses butts to them. That's a shame. Shame on us that we'd have to teach people how to behave like people.

Still, I kind of like Senator Gatti's idea. I do think that when we know better we do better. Our police already know better and they certainly do better than most of us do when we are pulled over because we made a mistake.


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