Late Monday afternoon the 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season picked up its fourth named storm. Tropical Storm Don formed about 500 miles east of the Windward Islands yesterday. The storm was upgraded to tropical storm status after reconnaissance aircraft had flown into the storm earlier in the day.

The forecast track for Don keeps the system well south of the Gulf of Mexico. In fact, this system could likely brush the northern beaches of South America and might be more of a problem for Aruba and Curacao.

The intensity outlook for Don doesn't give the system much hope for strengthening to hurricane status. Conditions in that part of the ocean are just not conducive for a tropical storm to gain strength.

Meanwhile, forecasters are also watching a second area of disturbed weather several hundred miles east of Don's location. This system, a tropical wave, has been given a 40% probability of developing into a tropical cyclone. Should it strengthen to tropical storm status it would be given the name Emily.

At this time neither storm systems appear to pose any threat to the United States mainland or the Gulf of Mexico.


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