Forecasters with the National Hurricane Center are eyeballing three different areas of disturbed weather across the tropical Atlantic Basin this morning. One of those areas of disturbed weather is basically in our backyard. Another is about to enter our neighborhood and the third, well I'd be happy if it would just stay away.

Here's where we stand this morning.

An area of disturbed weather is just off the middle Texas coast this morning. By the time you read this, it might have already pushed onshore. It's simply going to be a rainmaker and already we have felt raindrops courtesy of that system this morning. The system is expected to move into Central Texas where it will eventually be pulled into another weather system and whisked away.

The second area of concern is currently just north of the Cuban coast in the Straits of Florida. This will be Acadiana's next weather maker. It is forecast to slide westward across the central Gulf of Mexico and eventually make landfall along the middle Texas coast.

The prognosis for strengthening is slightly better today than it was yesterday but it's still only at 30%. This system will kick off more showers in the area beginning Wednesday with higher than normal rain chances expected to stick around through the weekend.

The third area of concern is the furthest away. It also has the most potential for spinning up into a tropical cyclone. The weather system is about midway between the Lesser Antilles and the west coast of Africa. Forecasters are giving this system a 40% probability to strengthen. Track model guidance suggests this system will cross over the islands and get into the Caribbean Sea over the next few days.  From there, we will just have to wait and see where it will go and if it will strengthen.

As you might imagine all of these tropical systems carry a lot of moisture with them. So, rain chances across the region will be elevated at least through Sunday, although forecasters do not anticipate a major rain event. In other words, rainfall totals should be manageable between now and Sunday, it's just that almost every day will hold a pretty good chance of rain.


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