Did you know there was a Trump Tower in Louisiana?

Mamou Road Water System, Inc. is a privately owned water system with a tower that is notorious for the massive "T-R-U-M-P" painted in bright red for all to see.

Facebook, Brent Ardoin

The tower donning the former president's namesake has been up for years, and while the water tower has had its fair share of mixed reactions, tower manager Brent Ardoin is tired of people throwing their trash out underneath Trump Tower.

The tower stands on a stretch of Hwy 13 between Mamou and Eunice, and Ardoin is doing more than just telling folks not to litter. He's actually handing out free car trashbags that feature the Trump water tower on them.

The littering problem isn't exclusive to the Trump water tower, as many areas of our great state could definitely improve when it comes to the trash in our ditches and waterways, but something as simple as a car trash bag will at least give you a better option than tossing debris from the window of your vehicle.

Many echoed Ardoin's complaint about the littering, including one commenter who said he regularly fills a five-gallon bucket with trash.

Facebook, Brent Ardoin

I'm not sure how many bags are printed up, or how long they will last, but if you want one you can swing by the Mamou Road Trump Water tower and get yours today.

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