Turn your phone, what does that mean? That means that when you shoot pictures or video for the internet you should turn your phone from portrait to landscape mode. Portrait? Landscape? What are these bizarre terms you are using?

Portrait is when you hold your phone so it is taller than it is wide. Shooting video with the phone held like this leads to those awful black empty spaces when  you go to post online. It must be easier to shoot one handed in portrait mode because almost everybody does it. Everybody that does it needs to quit.

Landscape mode means holding your phone so the screen is wider than it is tall. Take a look at your computer monitor. See how it is longer from left to right than it is from bottom to top? If you want your video to fit on a screen like your monitor you need to shoot your video with the camera held that way.

Filming in portrait versus landscape will soon be under the heading of proper internet etiquette. It's among the same annoyance level as those who type in all CAPS! Watch this video, learn the song and you will always provide the best video content to share with friends and family and no one will have to utter the words douche canoe with your name attached.

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