Here's The Trailer For "Big Shark", Filmed In Downtown Lafayette
The production company for the movie "Big Shark", which was filmed in Downtown Lafayette, has released the trailer.  (CAUTION: NSFW Language)
Judging by the trailer, the film is about a downtown area experiencing some flooding, and a large (big, if you will) shark infests those…
HBO Filming in Kaplan
Hollywood has descended upon Kaplan, Louisiana this week as HBO production crews are in town filming scenes for a new show called "The Quarry". Filming is taking place at the Sunnyside Motel.
‘Loft’ Remake Filming in New Orleans
I know it's old hat now for big ole Hollywood films to be shot in Louisiana, but I think it's still cool. I was in New Orleans at the end of last week and while walking around one day I saw a lot of signs denoting street closures due to filming. My wife had been in The Big Easy for a few days and sa…