I know it's old hat now for big ole Hollywood films to be shot in Louisiana, but I think it's still cool. I was in New Orleans at the end of last week and while walking around one day I saw a lot of signs denoting street closures due to filming. My wife had been in The Big Easy for a few days and said she heard it was a TV show. Then someone staying at our hotel heard it was a Mel Gibson flick. I had no clue. I did get to snooping online and I believe it to be a remake of a 2008 Belgium hit called "Loft".

While staying at the Loews on Poydras, one night I peeped out the window and a scene was in preparation in the parking lot below us. I snapped this picture. It's not the best but to the left you can see three limosuines and this cool truck that was set up to carry cameras.


Movie Filming in New Orleans

Every 15 minutes we'd get up to see what was going on. The scene appeared to be some type of road scene right in front of the famous Mother's on Poydras. I'm sure they filmed all night to get about 30 seconds of actual movie footage. We'll see in a year or so when the movie comes out.

Have you ever got to watch a movie being made? Or with Hollywood coming so close to us now, have you ever been in a movie, even as an extra?

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