There is a new indie comedy movie starring Tony Danza that will begin filming soon in Baton Rouge and adult extras are being sought.

Caballero Casting is looking for young adults at least 18 years old to play high school students in the movie entitled "Re-Election," which will begin filming in the Capitol City on Tuesday, May 30.

The Footprint Features project will star the aforementioned Tony Danza ("Who's the Boss," "Taxi"), Bex Taylor-Klaus ("Deputy," "13 Reasons Why"), and Adam Saunders ("When We First Met").

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According to the casting call, they are looking for all ethnicities and genders, including non-binary. The age range they're looking for is 18-20.

No experience is necessary and general background actors will be paid $11 an hour with a minimum of eight hours guaranteed, with time-and-a-half paid for work beyond eight hours.

Filming will take place from May 30th through June 26th. The core group they are looking for will work multiple days. They will not film every day but a schedule will be made and given to the actors.

Caballero Casting, LLC, Facebook
Caballero Casting, LLC, Facebook

To apply, simply email with the subject line "RECURRING STUDENTS" and include the following information:

  • Legal Name
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Date of Birth
  • Contact Number
  • City/State of Residency Height/Weight

You are also asked to include two photos, one headshot and one full-body photo, standing in front of a solid background. Refrain from submitting professional, black/white, Instagram-style or photoshopped photos. Photos should be taken on a smartphone.

What will "Re-Election" be about?

According to Deadline, here is a brief synopsis of the film:

It tells the story of Jimmy (Saunders), a 42-year-old man-child whose life hasn’t progressed since losing the election for senior class president 25 years prior to the now current Governor of Texas. Frustrated with his circumstances, Jimmy decides to re-enroll in high school and run for class president again. But once he leaves the safe confines of his dad’s memorabilia store and attempts to join the TikTok-fueled pace of Gen Z, Jimmy quickly realizes he has a whole lot more to learn than just the proper use of gender pronouns.

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