Things got a bit "toasty" at a Slidell sandwich shop over the weekend. It's a "meaty" story, so let's get to it.

It happened this past Saturday when Slidell Police were called to a report of a fight involving an assault. Here's how it got to that point...

A customer walked up to order a sandwich at an unnamed restaurant when they immediately caught a bad attitude from the sandwich maker. She said she wasn't going to put up with a bad attitude and was hell-bent on giving it right back.

The customer proceeded to order her sandwich but the sandwich maker made it wrong. (Intentional or not is unknown.) The customer, obviously not happy with her order, pushed the sandwich off the counter, where it splat onto the ground. She told the sandwich maker to make her the correct sandwich, surely with some neck and finger-snapping involved.

Sara Cervera, Unsplash
Sara Cervera, Unsplash

The sandwich maker, having none of this, picked the sandwich off the ground and hurled it right into the customer's face. Perchance, a few choice words were added in there.

The customer knew it was about to get "real" (like mayonnaise), so she decided to call her sister for backup. The sis showed up and within no time of her arrival an all-out brawl broke out.

A nearby customer saw the ruckus and immediately called the police, who quickly arrived on the scene.

When cops arrived, the sister and sandwich maker were actively fighting. However, the officers were able to quickly break things up and restore peace and order.

After some questioning and a short investigation, the sister and the sandwich maker were both placed under arrest and charged with simple battery.

The final kicker was that everyone involved was banned from the business. It is assumed that the sandwich maker was terminated from her employment at the business.

Sadly, the sandwich didn't make it out alive.

Enjoy the Slidell Police Department's recap of the incident here:

And then they shared this funny video made by one of their top Facebook fans:

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