At around 6pm this evening (07/31) a yellow ultralight plane crashed into a Coteau man's front yard.

The ultralight plane crashed into the covered awning over the driveway before eventually winding up in Richard Johnston's front yard on Romero Rd in Coteau.

The pilot told Johnston his tire hit the roof of the house which put the plane into a spin.

The Pilot was taken to Lourdes for treatment. The extent of his injuries are not known at this time, but he was thankfully walking around and talking before being taken to the hospital.

Johnston tells us he was about to get into his truck to leave when he "heard something that sounded like a lawnmower. I thought the neighbor's lawnmower had thrown a blade and hit my truck. I walked outside and there was a plane in my yard".

Used by permission courtesy of Richard Johnston
Used by permission courtesy of Richard Johnston