The University of Louisiana at Lafayette and other institutions are making plans to get back to normal classes in Fall 2020.

A release from the University of Louisiana System announced plans for its nine-member institutions that will be "specific to their individual communities" and will prioritize the health and safety for everyone on each campus in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Throughout this event, our member institutions have prioritized safety and learning. Those will remain our chief considerations as we begin the process of re-populating our campuses. The university experience is more than just attending class and we are optimistic, with the right safeguards in place and following the guidance of health experts, that we will be able to safely return to campus in August.

According to a report from our media partners at KATC, the System will be basing their decisions and planning on "external and internal conditions" that will include returning in waves, a focus on increased hygiene and the necessary distancing protocols that we've seen implemented in stores, medical offices and other parts of society.

In addition to our UL campus here in town, the University of Louisiana System includes over 92,000 students enrolled at Grambling, UL Monroe, McNeese, Louisiana Tech, Northwestern, Nicholls, UNO, and Southeastern.

We will keep you updated on all developments as the UL System navigates its planning for the fall.

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