There isn't much I remember from my Driver's Education class that I took in high school back in the horse and buggy days. That simple fact was this. A train can only cross the road in one place, it's a good idea to make sure you look for a train at the one place every time you cross it.  So far that mindset has kept me out of accidents with trains throughout my driving career.

However, a driver in the Jeff Davis Parish town of Fenton was not so fortunate yesterday. Authorities say the female behind the wheel of a Toyota Corrolla was hit by a train as she attempted to cross the tracks at 4th Avenue. The impact sent the woman's vehicle into a nearby ditch.

First responders said the driver of the vehicle was conscious upon their arrival however, she did comment that she did not see nor hear the train. The victim was airlifted to a local hospital, the victim's condition is unknown at this time.

This incident has raised the need to refocus awareness on driver safety in and around railroad crossings. This is the second crash involving a train and a vehicle reported in the state in less than five days. Earlier this week a truck and train collided at a crossing in DeQuincy. 

While many of these crossings do have signal lights and crossing arms, there are still a lot of railroad crossings in the state that rely on the driver being cognizant of the situation at hand. It's always a good idea to stop at these crossings and make sure you've looked both ways.

Even though trains are huge, they can sometimes blend in with the scenery at a rural crossing, so look close, turn down your music, and proceed with caution.

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