As you drive toward Abbeville just south of Maurice on U.S. Highway 167 you will see it on the right-hand side of the road. It's a basic building, nothing too flashy but certainly inviting. That is Le Marche aka The Market aka the store that has at least one of almost anything that a person living in South Louisiana would need.

We first heard about this place from a co-worker who was extolling the virtues of what Le Marche had to offer. He even challenged us on the Bruce and Jude Morning Show to come see for ourselves.

From hog traps to boxed wine, frozen seafood to caution tape, trailer lights construction flags Le Marche has it. They might not have a lot of everything but almost certainly have one of almost everything.

One of the pleasant surprises on our visit to Le Marche was the food. They have a deli with delicious Po Boy sandwiches and more. While we were there we had some crawfish and corn chowder that was to die for.

They also have some of the best chicken salad you will ever pass over your lips. Let this serve as a notice Ms. Janet and Rice City Liquors there could be another contender for the chicken salad crown.

You won't find friendlier people and a wider selection of things that you never knew you needed until you absolutely needed them. Le Marche, it's the old-fashioned general store with a family-friendly way of treating the customer right.

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