I can only imagine the frustration parents and citizens of Vermilion Parish must be feeling over the current situation going on between the parish school board and the Vermilion Parish Superintendent of Schools. The school board/superintendent saga is like a festering wound that really needs to be taken care of.

Last night the Vermilion Parish School Board met again and voted about forming a committee to look into the accusations that have been brought against Jerome Puyau, the Superintendent of Vermilion Parish Schools.

The board couldn't reach a decision on forming a committee to look into the accusations. Accusations that were egregious enough to have Puyau placed on administrative leave with pay on August the 8th.

The board vote on forming a committee was deadlocked at four votes for and four votes against. So the decision to form a committee to look into allegations will be delayed until sometime in the future.

If you'd like to send a message to the School Board Member that represents you, just follow this link.



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