The Vermilion Parish School Board has been in the headlines for a lot of wrong reasons here lately. Last night's meeting of the Board appears to be yet another faux pas in the policy and procedural direction the board had announced publicly.

Last Monday(August 6), when the Vermilion Parish Board voted to place Superintendent Jerome Puyau on paid administrative leave the president of the board read off a list of complaints filed by members against Puyau.

Last night's  (August 13) meeting of the board was supposed to discuss the procedure that would be used to investigate those claims. Apparently, there was a mistake on the agenda.

I just really noticed this afternoon. We may have a mix up in why this appeared on the agenda. But first of all a couple of clarifications. There are no grievances filed against the superintendent at this time. There is an investigation going on, that's it. So just for clarification, and hopefully Thursday night we can give a little more detail on where we're at and what's going to happen.

Those are the words of Board President Stacy Landry as reported by KATC TV 3.

Landry went on to clarify that as of this time there have been no grievances filed against Puyau. Landry also suggested that a list of those grievances would be made available to the public once it is finalized. From there the Board is expected to begin the discussion of how to investigate each claim. There has been no indication of just who is compiling "the list" and when it might be made available to the public.



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