The Vermilion Parish School Board met last night. Which is actually newsworthy since it seems like the last time this group of "level-headed mature individuals" attempted to get together they failed miserably. That was the meeting where four of the board members decided they couldn't meet with Superintendent Jerome Puyau in the room. So they left.

Well, last night calmer and cooler heads prevailed, kind of. Four members of the board, Laura LeBeouf, Kibbie Pillette, David Dupuis, and Sara Duplechin decided to focus their dissatisfaction on Board President Stacy Landry. The four voted to "censure" the president of the board.

If you haven't read up on your Robert's Rules of Order recently, "to censure" is a method for board members to express their dissatisfaction with the actions of another board member. It carries no legal weight and is non-binding. It's just a parliamentary way to say "we're mad at you".

In other words, same story, different day, as far as the VPSB is concerned.

The four board members in question have been at odds with Landry over the whole debacle involving the suspension of Superintendent Jerome Puyau. That and the fact that Landry allowed Puyau to be reinstated to his position following a court ruling that mandated Puyau be returned to his position.



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