The beaches at Normandy were closed when they stormed ashore in World War II so  the barricades  put up at the World War II Memorial were no problem for a group of Mississippi veterans to push past. The barricades were put in place because of the government shutdown. The shutdown effectively closed all national parks and monuments.

Compared to the hardship these men and women faced serving our great nation in World War II no stupid government barricade and even dumber government shutdown was going to keep them from seeing the memorial that they had earned. A couple of congressmen even attempted to suggest that they had helped the veterans into the memorial by distracting police. Those grandstanding  politically motivated comments have yet to be confirmed.

According to some government officials the veterans groups could be charged with trespassing. Really? If those charges come to fruition then we as a nation should all go to Washington DC and hand carry every member of Congress to the curb.

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