In driving distance it's really not that far. It's 194.5 miles according to the folks at Google. In cultural mileage it might as well be a different galaxy.

That's the difference between South Louisiana and North Louisiana. We're not saying one is better or one is worse. We are just saying they're different. There is certainly a difference in food, attitude, and social tolerance.

There is also a huge difference in mindset and tradition when you compare the football programs at McNeese State University in Lake Charles and the University of Louisiana at Monroe.  Matt Viator will get to experience both of these changes as he takes over the Monroe Warhawk football program.

At McNeese, Viator was the man for a decade. His record at the Lake Charles Southland Conference School was 77 wins and 33 losses. He will be taking over a Louisiana - Monroe program that has measured success on the gridiron below .500 for much of the past 10 years.

We do know from experience that Coach Viator is a winner and a proven commodity. He is well respected in the football rich recruiting environment that is Louisiana can he use his talents to make ULM a winner?

Every day that you get up, when you get here, let's do it the right way.  What I've found, if that's your ambition and that's what your doing, you're going to win more than you're going to lose.

That's what Coach Viator told the Louisiana Radio Network after he was introduced as the new Head Coach for the Warhawks.  He says his first order of business is to get a staff put together.

I want to put together a coaching staff that obviously wants to be here and shares in the same vision I do and I certainly think that we're going to be able to do that, for sure.

Coach Viator replaces Todd Berry who was let go

as coach of the ULM program on November 14. Last season the Warhawks posted a  2 and 11 record while Viator was 10 and 1 at McNeese State.

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