It's a story that's repeated in metropolitan areas across the country almost every day. A person calls to report a violent crime. When that victim is questioned by police they suddenly have no details of how the incident happened or who caused their injuries. It's got to be frustrating to police and even more frustrating to law-abiding residents who want their neighborhoods to be safer.

Such was the case yesterday.

Lafayette Police say they encountered an individual who had been wounded on Mardi Gras. Contact with the victim was made on Simcoe Street but officers suspect the individual was injured in a different location.

The man's injuries are not thought to be life-threatening. However, the victim is not cooperating with the police at this time. Therefore details in the case remain quite fuzzy at this time.

If you have more information about this particular situation you may contact Lafayette Police. Or, if you choose to remain anonymous and would like to be eligible for a reward, you may contact Lafayette CrimeStoppers. Their number is 232 TIPS, that's 232-8477

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