The much-hyped Cleveland Browns and the always over-hyped Pittsburgh Steelers met in last night's Thursday night NFL contest. The game is a division game and there is certainly no love lost between the two teams.

However, the way things wrapped up last night during Cleveland's 21-7 victory over the Steelers is what people will be talking about, not the final score.

The incident happened in the final seconds of last night's game. Cleveland defender Myles Garret tackled Pittsburgh Quarterback Mason Rudolph just seconds after Rudolph had completed a pass to his running back.

While the pair was on the ground video appears to show the Pittsburgh quarterback grabbing the Cleveland player's helmet. Then the video shows Garret, the Cleveland player ripping the helmet off the Pittsburgh signal-caller. He thing swings the helmet at Rudolph and that's when things got really nasty.

In the end, three players were ejected from the game. There is no doubt that fines and suspensions will be forthcoming after the NFL looks into this incident further. In post-game comments, Garret seems to have remorse for his actions. He suggested that the emotion of the moment is what caused his actions.

You can bet there will be more developing on this story as the day and football weekend progresses.


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