A break in an 8-inch water line left many residents of Ville Platte high and dry yesterday afternoon. Well, they weren't left totally dry but the break in the large water pipe certainly affected water pressure throughout the city.

The good news is that crews worked throughout the afternoon and into the evening to repair the break in the water main. Now that service has been restored comes the obligatory boil advisory that is common following interruptions in water service.

Samples taken from the Ville Platte Water Department will be tested and verified safe by DHH in the coming hours. In most cases where water service has been interrupted or water pressures within the protected environment of a municipal system have fallen to certain levels boil advisories are posted, but only for 24 to 36 hours following service restoration.

Residents are encouraged to bring any water that is planned for consumption to a boil for at least one full minute. This should eliminate any biological threats that might have been present in the water supply or the supply system. Once the all-clear is given the boil advisory will be lifted.


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