I love watching videos of the traditional Cajun Mardi Gras celebrations from around South Louisiana. Not being a native of the area I find these videos to be a great gateway to the pride and passion of the people of the place I lovingly call home now.

As was surfing videos of Mardi Gras on YouTube yesterday I came across this vintage video from Mamou's Mardi Gras celebration in 1977. The video was posted on the YouTube Channel of the Easy Cajun and according to the description is 16mm film that has been transferred to a more modern video format.

However, the actions in the video seem to show that, at least in Mamou, tradition is tradition. The riders may have changed but the mission and the madness of Mamou Mardi Gras is well respected and pursued with vigor and of course alcohol.

If you have a video of the Mardi Gras traditions of your family or hometown and wouldn't mind sharing, we'd love to see and share those with our audience too.

I must admit my favorite Mardi Gras moment comes from an Anthony Bourdain clip where Anthony is talking to the camera just as a clearly intoxicated reveler falls off a car. You can't make that stuff up. Especially when you're living it and loving it during Mardi Gras in South Louisiana.

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