An argument outside of a Taco Bell between customers and employees escalated to become a potentially deadly situation when a customer drove their vehicle through the front of the restaurant. While the Maryland incident reportedly occurred in March of 2021, video of the encounter between customers and employees has recently gone viral.

Video shows that bodies were sent flying through the air as the driver accelerated through the crowd and then shattered the glass doors.


Reports say that a Taco Bell customer was ordering in the drive-thru when she began arguing with a store employee. Before pulling up to the drive-thru window, the customer reportedly got out and walked up to the window where she assaulted an employee. This is when the customer returned to her vehicle and drove to the front of the store.

Twitter via @javroar
Twitter via @javroar

Reports add that Taco Bell employees had exited the restaurant and confronted the customer in the parking lot. After reportedly revving her vehicle and advancing forward once, the customer backed up once again. Then, the customer proceeded to hit the gas pedal and accelerate towards the crowd. Multiple people were struck, as the video shows bodies flying through the air.


The car came to stop with its entire front-end now resting inside of the Taco Bell restaurant. Significant damage to the building was done, as those who were struck by the vehicle could be seen on the ground. The customer then backed out of the wrecked store-front and fled the scene.

According to The Baynet, the customer plead guilty to first-degree assault, four counts of second-degree assault, and malicious destruction of property.

Car Accelerates Through Crowd and Rams Into Taco Bell Restaurant

See the full video via @javroar on Twitter below.

The incident reminded some on Twitter of a chaotic moment that recently occurred outside of a McDonald's restaurant.

More reactions to the clip via Twitter below.

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