You read that headline and you thought of one place didn't you? A place where the windows are always wet with condensation. A place where the waitress will call you "Honey". A place that is stronger than the mightiest of hurricanes. You thought of the Waffle House didn't  you. I sure as hell did.

Today is Waffle Day. That by itself would be a reason to call friends and plan a party. I love waffles. They are the perfect delivery system for syrup of all kinds. They are the step up from a simple pancake. Waffles are gourmet dining that everyman can make. Today we celebrate the waffle and all its indented glory and goodness.

Today is Pecan Day. Pecans are one of my favorite snacks in the whole world. I like the fact that most of the time you can get them for free if you have a pecan tree in your yard. I like the fact that pecans fit nicely in a pie. I adore the fact that pecans can be combined with waffles and life is at its best.

There are your two reasons to celebrate March 25 just in case you couldn't think of a good reason to get out of bed. I suggest you do the pecan and waffle combo, you'll thank me later.

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