Walker Hayes will be playing for 97.3 The Dawg Night at Le Festival de Mardi Gras a Lafayette at Cajun Field on Monday, February 12th and we couldn't be more excited to see his show.

We're pretty sure he's pumped to be playing for Mardi Gras too. He only sings about it in every other song!

Okay, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but he does have at least three songs on his latest album "boom." that make mention of Fat Tuesday. Check them out below.


Darlin' you can't crash my party with your 'Sorry's and 'What Are We's
Don't start rainin' on my Mardi Gras parade for a minute
I ain't even fixin' to listen to your guilt trippin'
You're forgettin' girl you made your bed and didn't want me in it (Hey!)


Girl, they got silly string, travel Scope
Knock off cereal
Ketchup, picture frames
Flash light, key chains
Paddle ball, Tylenol, Mardi Gras confetti
Drop it in the cart, watch me roll it to regi'



Felt like a king with my Mardi Gras date
Up on my shoulders at all of the parades
My queen, you made it rain beads on the square
And all the guys stood behind us watchin’ your fineness up there
And I didn’t even care

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