Here is yet another heart-warming holiday story.

Jenny Karpen recently got hired as a cashier at Walmart in Rotterdam, New York (about 15 northwest of Albany). We're not exactly sure how old she is, but she appears to be in her early 20s.

On Friday, an elderly guy came through her checkout with some groceries and pet food. After she scanned everything, he handed her some cash and asked if it was enough.

It wasn't. He was short almost 40 bucks.

He was about to start taking things back but Jenny told him to stop. She took $40 out of her own pocket and paid for the rest of the groceries.

Apparently the guy didn't quite understand what was going on and left without saying anything about it. But the next person in line did catch what had just happened and was so impressed with Jenny's actions that they offered to give Jenny $40 to cover it.

She declined. She instead thanked them and told them that it was against store policy to accept money from customers. Wow!

Later, Jenny told the local news that she had never done anything like that before but hopes it inspires other people to do something nice during the holidays.

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