A guy named Beau Chevassus of Enumclaw, Washington recently ordered the most expensive Starbucks cup of coffee ever. How much? Try $47.30!

How do you make a cup of java that pricey? Simple. Toss in a whole boat load of add-ins.

First, he started with a $4.75 venti Mocha Frappucino. Then he added 48 extra expresso shots. Those alone cost $36!

He also added in two bananas, vanilla syrup, strawberry puree, mocha drizzle, caramel drizzle, chocolate chips, vanilla bean, matcha powder, and protein powder. Yowser!

Beau called the drink Quadriginoctuple Frap. No word yet on how it tasted, though, I'm thinking it kept him up for a few days.

Here's a video of how the concoction was put together. Warning: the guy tries to be funny the whole time which is a little annoying.




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