This past weekend the St. Thomas More High School Junior class put on the 5th Annual Hopefest at the Blackham Coliseum.  The event is put together almost completely by the Junior class, with a little help from faculty member and teacher, Lance Strother.  It was almost a disaster, but turned out huge!

Due to the projected forecast for the Event on Saturday, Hopefest had to make some huge last minute changes: Where it was held. It was supposed to take place at Parc International, but it was moved to the Blackham Coliseum.

Wayne Toups

The event not only helps the community, but it is a way for young men and women to become "Individual's of Character" and a way for them to be part of the community.

This year Acadiana's own Wayne Toups gave his time and talent to help out the community.  Big thanks to Wayne for his support, and love of the local special needs children.  You are a true "team player" and "Ooh La La", you helped raise a huge amount of money!


Lance Strother says, "It continues to amaze me at the power of young people when they come together and rally!"

Hopefest 2012

God Bless our young people.

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