So many communities are experiencing low water pressure after the recent freeze and here are few things you can do from your home to help the situation.

For starters, you can now turn your faucets off and stop all running water. Much of south Louisiana is above the freezing mark and the threat of pipes bursting has diminished.

You can also limit the amount of water you use in your home when it comes to bathing, washing clothes and washing dishes.

If you can, delay washing clothes until the water pressure is stronger and my all means, if you can, wait to wash dishes in your dishwasher. Yes, that may mean going "old school" for a few days and washing dishes by hand.

Look, we aren't telling you to not do any of the above, but we are simply encouraging you to do your small part in conserving water during these challenging times.

Many communities are reporting that they are having a hard time fulfilling the demand for water now, thus putting a strain on the supply available.

In Texas, firefighters had to watch a house burn to the ground because they had no running water to battle the blaze. We hope that doesn't happen here as many communities are struggling to supply running water tonight.

Lafayette Utilities System says, that you can report any water pooling or flooding in your neighborhood or other areas to LUS at (337) 291-5700. They also recommend that you continue to boil your water prior to consumption if you have been under a boil advisory.

Lastly, we hope you'd share these few tips with others on social media, together we overcome this latest obstacle.


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