Ask someone who lives in South Louisiana to show you their Winter wardrobe and you'll see jackets, coats, hoodies, t-shirts, thermal underwear, short pants, a swimsuit, and probably something covered in camouflage. Our "winter" is less of a season and more of daily change of climates that run the gamut from very cold with ice to so hot and humid the air conditioners are running on Christmas Eve.

Still, the Climate Prediction Center with NOAA feels obligated to give us their best guess as to what we can expect moving into November, December, January, and February. Well, realistically "winter" is over by the end of January. A lot of us are working in our yards and working on our tans by the time Groundhog's Day rolls around.

Here's what the CPC says about temperatures across the nation and Louisiana.

As you can see Louisiana and much of the southeastern United States to experience seasonable temperatures. The rest of the nation will likely see temperatures that are at least above normal. The Pacific Northwest and Alaska are forecast to have a much better chance of a milder Winter season than they normally do.


Here's what the CPC says about precipitation over the next few months.

The precipitation forecast for the Winter months seems to suggest that South Louisiana will have wetter than normal conditions. Which is okay since a lot of our state has been dealing with drought conditions over the past few months. It does appear as if the Great Lakes area and the Big Sky country will have drier than normal conditions.

So, in a nutshell, our Louisiana forecast for the Winter months is basically business as usual. We will have our very cold and blustery days and we will have days when we're all out shopping for Christmas gifts in our shorts, t-shirts, and sandals. All the more reason to check back with us every day to see which part of the closet has your best choice for clothing to wear that day.

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