Cold and Flu
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The flu bug, the bug in general has hit the Bruce Mikells multi-media center pretty hard the past couple of days. We have had multiple announcers out of the office and off the air for several days. I'm glad they weren't here if they were sick.

We have a really strict policy against being at work sick. That's because in our business you can work with a broken leg and broken arm but a sore throat will put you out of business fast.

So what can I do, and actually what can you do if you're surrounded by those who have the flu or sick? The folks at WebMD seem to know an awful lot about medicine so we turned to them for some advice on how to stay well when tissues and hacking coughs are flying all around you.

Take Your Vitamins: WebMD specifically suggests you take a vitamin D supplement with breakfast. This up tick in Vitamin D will help boost the immune cells that work inside your lungs. This means you'll be better able to resist viruses that come into the lung. The WebMD folks suggest taking a Vitamin D supplement to your regular multi-vitamin and drinking your daily allotment of milk.

Get Your Rest: When the body is tired it doesn't function as well as it should. If you're going to be fighting off millions of microscopic invaders you're going to need lots of reserve power. Sleep deprivation can lower the immune systems efficiency by 30% according some studies. Sleep is also the time when your body restores and repairs itself. Giving your body all the time it needs for that function will only keep you healthier.

Keep Zinc Lozenges Handy At Work: Granted this won't prevent a cold or the  flu but it might shorten the duration and severity of your symptoms. WebMD suggests you start sucking on a Zinc lozenge the moment you feel that first tickle in your throat.  The down side to this is not all lozenges are the same. Make sure you get the ones that allow the zinc to be released into your system, WebMD specifically mentioned Cold-Eeze and Walgreen's Zinc Cold Remedy lozenges. The other drawback to this is you need to have about 10 lozenges a day and they don't taste very good.

Stay Clear of Coughers- If you work in close quarters it may not be possible to stay totally clear of a hacking co-worker but the more you can stay away the better your chances of remaining healthy.

Wash Your Hands Often: This is the simple and easiest way to maintain your good health even when it's not flu season. Think of all the people that have put their hands on a grocery buggy or mall escalator handrail. This goes for computer keyboards that are used by multiply users too.  Chances are some of those people had flu virus or other agents of death on their hands. By washing your hands or using a hand sanitizer often your reduce your exposure to bad germs.

Clean With Bleach: Sanitation is the key to staying healthy. If you keep the exposure to germs and viruses to a minimum your chances of picking them up are minimized. WebMD suggests you clean around your home with a cleaner that contains bleach. These "bugs' can live on hard surfaces like counter tops and tables for days at a time. They are resistant to many household cleaners except those with bleach. Using a cleaner with bleach will give you and your family a little better protection against viruses and microbes that might make you ill.

Our last piece of advice is really common sense, if you don't feel well go see your doctor. Your medical professional can at least help make you feel more comfortable even if they can't prevent you from getting sick. Most medical professionals recommend getting a flu shot too. However, if you've already been exposed to the flu getting the shot may not save you right away. Ask your doctor, he or she will have the answer you need for your specific information. Be well my friends and if you do find yourself laid up in bed for a day or so be sure check out the entertaining videos we have on our 973 The Dawg YouTube Channel.



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