For many, 2016 was a year they might as well forget. But if you want to help remember just a little bit from that year, the internet is always there to the rescue.

The real estate website just finished a study that figured out what people in every state Googled more than anyone else.

Using Google Trends they measured searches for world events, famous people who passed away and those who made news, plus things that made us laugh and cry, new movies and shows, and even stupid memes and celebrity misshaps.

They took a snapshot of 2016 and placed it on the map below.


You'll see from the map that Louisiana searched "Beyonce Halftime Show" the most.

Some of the other top Google searches for the Bayou State included: Alton Sterling shooting / police shooting / Beyonce Lemonade album / When they go low, we go high.

Now look at the map again and check out what our friends from the land of fruits and nuts said. "2016 worst year ever?" Ahh, that a way to have a positive outlook on life!

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